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General Volunteer Information

Fill out the online volunteer form at


Get to Know Your Teacher

  • Set up an initial meeting with him or her as soon as possible to determine his or her expectations of you and the desired level of parent involvement.

  • Teachers’ Favorites Forms are located in the white “HES Teacher Favorites” binder at the Welcome Desk in the file cabinet. Please take a picture of your teacher’s form and email to your class.

  • Take notes of any students with food allergies and ask to be notified of new students.

  • Discuss any extra needs they might have like educational crafts/activities – generally no food or drinks except during the two approved parties.


Get to Know Your Parents​

  • Introduce yourself to the parents through a letter (in Thursday folder) and an email.

  • Expect 5 to 6 parents who will consistently help during the year.


  • Communicate with the parents throughout the year through email and letters in Thursday folders.

  • Thursday folders are a great way to guarantee that your parents receive your letter (copies given to the teachers by noon Wed. will be in the Thursday folders the next day).

  • Room parents do not have access to the school copy machines.



  • Main events you will need to plan for are Winter Celebration, Teacher Appreciation Week and End-of-Year party. Teacher gifts must be bought with collected class money, NOT PTA money.


Winter Celebration
* Touch base with your teacher in late Nov.

* Send an invitation to all parents

* Use some of your $100 from PTA for food/party supplies

* Ask parents to bring store-bought sides

* Keep activities/crafts very simple


End-of-Year Party
* Touch base with your teacher in May

* Send an invitation to all parents

* Use the remainder of your PTA money for food/party supplies

* Ask parents to bring store bought sides * Coordinate gift from the class.


Adopted Teachers

  • A teacher assistant or a special area teacher (speech, special education, art, PE) has been assigned to each class.

  • This teacher is “adopted” by the class. The classroom teacher will be made aware of this as well.

  • Your job will be to make sure that these staff members are invited to your class Winter Celebration and the End-of-Year parties. Your class will also take care of them during Teacher Appreciation Week and celebrate their birthday.




  • Teacher birthdays are the responsibility of each individual family, not purchased by the Room Parents on behalf of the class.

  • Please remember to tell your parents a few days before your teacher’s birthday and encourage them to acknowledge it in their own way



Parents can bring in store-bought birthday treats to the lunchroom during lunch only! Please remind parents to be aware of children’s food allergies in the classroom. (Ex. If a child has a peanut allergy, do not buy products with even traces of peanuts.)



PTA Funds

  • Each class has $100 from the PTA to use on crafts and parties.

  • This money is NOT be used for teacher gifts.

  • In order to be reimbursed, you must fill out a Check Request Form. Please have your teacher sign the request before putting it in the Treasurer folder at the Welcome Desk. Your request must have a receipt attached and be approved by you and your teacher.


Class Money

You may ask for a one time $10 ($15 for K and 1st) after the holidays. This is a voluntary contribution. The idea behind collecting money at this time is to build your bank for purchases during Teacher Appreciation Week (example: lunches purchased for your teacher and your “adopted teacher”, some small gifts for your teacher and the “adopted teacher” from their “Favorites” list). It can also be put towards crafts during the year or towards party expenses not covered by the PTA money. On average, most classes collect about $100. Some collect more and some collect less. We recommend that you make this request at the end of January/early February (using the pre-approved Money Letter which will be provided to you). You may want to send a follow- up or send reminders but you cannot insist that families contribute.

Click here to see a list of Room Parent Assignments, including adopted teachers!

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