Welcome to Huntersville Elementary!

If this is your first year with us, please use this sheet to help answer any questions you may have.


What time does school start?

- The second (and last) bell rings at 8am. Any child arriving after this time will need to be walked in to the office to receive a tardy slip for class. Please keep your child in the car until they are allowed in the building at 7:30am.


How do I get into the school?

- The blue double doors at the end of the covered walkway is the main entrance. Push the button labeled “Access” on the brick wall for assistance and to be allowed access into the building. Once inside, please visit the computer in the lobby to sign in and wear the name tag throughout the building. Please scan the barcode on your nametag upon leaving to properly sign out.


Where do I drop my child off/pick up in car rider line?

- Your child should be dropped off/picked up in the circular parking lot (the middle parking lot). The line will form in front of the gate in this parking lot and will extend out onto Sherwood, feeding through the lower lot near the gym. It usually backs up onto Sherwood Dr. Please do not drop your child off at the lower parking lot.


Can I walk up to the car rider line in the afternoon to get my child?

- No, there will be no children dismissed to parents/guardians that walk up to pick up children. Please wait in car rider line.


How do I check my child out early?

- Please come into the main double doors and visit the office door with the cards in the basket. These are tardy/early dismissal cards. Please fill out a new card with your child’s information including the sign in/out time if they have neither been tardy or dismissed early. Once this has been created for your child, you will find your child’s card for future tardies/early dismissals. Our wonderful office staff will check your driver’s license and call the teacher for early dismissal. Your child will be considered present for the full day only if checked out after 11:30am. The latest you may check your child out is 2:30pm. *Please note that children riding buses will never be considered tardy.


May I come have lunch with my child?

- Absolutely! Please sign in by using the computer in the lobby and visit the cafeteria during your child’s lunch time.


How do I notify the school of my child’s allergies? - Please notify the school nurse as well as your child’s teacher. The classroom will have an allergy sign posted and there is special seating at lunch. Teachers are trained to use epi-pens.


What is the procedure for when my child is absent?

- Email your child’s teacher as well as Marsha Davis, in the office. Marsha’s email is marsha.davis@cms.k12.nc.us.  Always include the name of your child’s homeroom teacher.


How does my child buy lunch?

- You may send cash in a sealed baggie/envelope with your child each day; however, the easiest way is to sign up for PayPams. Visit http://www.paypams.com and you can add money to your child’s account. This is safe and secure and you will never lose your money.


How do I stay informed with what’s going on at HES?

- Once you join the PTA and purchase your planner on “Back to School” night, you will begin receiving our email blasts which are sent every Sunday night. Please check for these in your spam box if you aren’t receiving them. If you aren’t receiving your email, please email- huntersvillepta@cms.k12.nc.us


Can I take a tour of the school?

- Yes! We have tours scheduled throughout the year. Please visit our website to sign up for a future tour or contact Natalie Baldwin baldwinnatalie@hotmail.com for a scheduled tour.


How do I communicate with teachers?

- Teachers will communicate through written notes in your child’s agenda (which is purchased at “Back to School” night), Thursday Folders and by email.


Do the classes have snack time?

- All classes will have a designated snack time. Snacks must be brought from home and comply with classroom specific guidelines. Water is allowed in spill proof water bottles.


Can I volunteer in my child’s classroom?

- Your teacher will have a sign up sheet for room parent volunteers at “Meet the Teacher” night in August.

Teachers utilize volunteers throughout the year for different events. You will need to register as a CMS registered volunteer. Please visit http://www.cmsvolunteers.com to be approved. If possible, please find care for younger ones when volunteering.


How do I sign up to paint the school rock on my child’s birthday?

- There is a 3 ring binder at the Welcome Desk with sign up slots/dates for painting the rock. There is a $5.00 donation which can be submitted in the Buddy mailbox.

How can I see when my child’s bus will arrive?

- There is a new app, Here Comes the Bus, that you can download. You will need your child’s student ID number, which is provided by your teacher.


We Want YOU For PTA!!! Please consider becoming an involved member of the PTA. Contact Jennifer Sharpe for more information jmsharpe30@gmail.com