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As part of our Plan B, return to school process each family will have a role in keeping our students healthy and safe. There are steps below for if you are riding a school bus and there are steps for if you are a car rider. Please call the school if you have any questions about these processes. Please get in a habit of doing this before 7:30 each day to allow us to move more quickly during our arrival time. Thanks in advance.

Symptom Screening Process Expectations

1. Bus Riders Only: Complete an attestation paper form on Monday and give it to the bus driver.  This happens every Monday.  Forms are located at the top of each schools’ web page on the CMS website.  Bus drivers also have copies for parents. This form is available in 6 different languages. 

2. All Students (Car/Bus): Complete a symptoms screener electronically every morning before school.  This happens every day.  The link to complete the symptoms screener is at the top of each school’s web page on the CMS website.  Parents and caregivers are encouraged to complete this prior to the student arriving at the school. This form is available in 6 different languages.  (Parents can also use the QR code below and it will also be located on all of our Car Tags this year). You will need your students ID to complete this process electronically. Reach out to your teacher or our main office if you need this ID number. You can also set the screener up as a web clip (an icon on home screen like an app) for your smart phone using these directions: 


iPhone - Open the link, tap the share button, tap "Add to home screen," rename it if you like, and tap Add.


Android - Open the link, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, tap Add to home screen, rename it if you like, and then tap Add. 


An icon will appear on your phone, and when you tap on it, it will bring up the form for you to fill out each morning.


3. All Students (Car/Bus): Complete a temperature check every morning at school once they arrive.  This happens every day and will be completed by a school staff member upon student arrival.


Morning Car Rider Procedures:
1. We anticipate the car rider process to take longer than usual since staff will be verifying the daily screening questions and taking students’ temperatures.

2. Please follow the directions of the staff members on duty. They will direct you to a spot to drop off your children. Please do not interpret our staff member’s arm waving and hand motions as being rude - we are trying to be as efficient and safe as possible.

3. IMPORTANT - Children will remain in the car for temperature checks and daily screener questions verification. Staff will direct your children when they can exit the car and proceed into the building. Please make sure that all children are wearing masks.

4. IMPORTANT: Daily Screener- Please make sure that you have answered the daily screener questions electronically by 7:30 am each morning. It is imperative that this is completed each morning for the safety of our staff and students. Instructions for how to complete the screener were shared on Parent Square and Facebook. Staff members will ask each driver if the screener questions have been answered for each student in the car. A daily “live” report is available for schools to verify. Unverified students will not be allowed out of the car.

5. IMPORTANT: Carpooling families will need to ensure that parents of ALL children have answered the daily screener questions. Unverified students will not be allowed out of the car.

6. A staff member will conduct a temperature check before the student exits the vehicle. Any child with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed out of the vehicle and must return home.

7. Parents are not allowed to park and walk students to the front door. We need to avoid congestion so we can maintain social distancing at all times.

8. No parents or visitors are allowed in the building. We have to minimize the number of people in the building to protect our students and staff.

9. Late Students - Parents who bring their student late to school must call the front office at (980) 343-3835 so that a staff member can meet the child and parent at the front door. Front office staff will conduct temperature checks and verify that the daily screener questions have been completed.








We would like to invite you to participate in this year’s Reflections Contest!
There are six categories in which you can choose to participate.
Photography, Dance Choreography, Visual Arts, Music Composition, Literature & Film Production
All entries should pertain to this year’s theme “I Matter Because…”

Click on the following link for information and rules for entering the Reflections contest.

The Deadline for submissions for Huntersville Elementary School is November 5th.
Follow this link below to upload your child’s Art/Entry.









PTA is still in the process of finding a room parent or two for each of our homeroom teachers.  Room Parents work with homeroom teachers to help organize holiday parties and end of year celebrations.  They also send reminders to parents in each class about teacher birthdays. 

If you would like to help as a room parent for your child’s homeroom teacher please email Jen Sharpe, Room Parent Coordinator,  








November Birthdays
Mrs. Peters - November 3rd
Mr. Keene - November 5th
Mrs. Krebs - November 6th
Ms. DiCristofaro - November 8th
Ms. Lyons - November 19th
Mrs. Eisenberg - November 25th
Mr. Baltensperger - November 25th











Paint the Rock Sign-Up!

If you would like to paint the rock at school for your child's birthday, please use the link below. You can pay the $5 donation and secure your spot using the signup genius links within the donation site link  












We are looking for volunteers!
Please use the following google form to submit your information to volunteer.

If you are a volunteer at HES or plan to volunteer sometime this school year please register with CMS. You must renew your CMS Registered Volunteer status each year.


Monday, November 2th- PTA Board Meeting 6:30 PM


Tuesday, November 10th-Spirit Night at Domino's


Wednesday, November 11th-Whit's Wednesday

Thursday, November 19th- Restaurant Night at Five Guys 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Wednesday, November 25th -Friday, November 27 THANKSGIVING BREAK - SCHOOL CLOSED

No upcoming events at the moment

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